15th March 2019

One Year, Collingwood

On Diamond, Empat Lima, CHWH


2nd November 2018

Grace Darling Hotel, Collingwood

Requin, Deloris, half / cut, CHWH, Sleeping Lessons

6th October 2018

The Old Bar

How To Make Trouble and Influence People diary launch

Laura Mac Farlane, CHWH

28th September 2018

3CR Fitzroy

Live to Air on the Music Matters show

22nd September 2018

The Yarra Hotel, Abbotsford

CHWH, Cyanide Thornton, Alphington

28th April 2018

Grace Darling Hotel, Collingwood

Warpigs, Halfcut, Kodiak empire, Hashhashin, Lack the Low, CHWH, Badskin


18th January 2018

Tote, Collingwood. Melbourne

Shoeb Ahmed, CHWH, Kellie Llyod, Protection


3rd December 2017

Urban guild, Kyoto, Japan

Qaureu, CHWH, Dododdo Band,


1st December 2017

Hop ken, Osaka, Japan

Colloid, CHWH


28th November 2017

Little Nap Coffee Roaster, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, Japan



27th November 2017

440 Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, Japan

Hello Satellites, CHWH, Chima, Minakikke


25th November 2017

Give Me Little More, Matsumoto, Japan

Hello Satellites, CHWH, Yffer, Living Currency, Her Braides


19th August 2017

Post office Hotel, Coburg

CHWH ( two sets)


2nd July 2017

Tote Hotel Collingwood

The Spheres, CHWH, Motte


23 April 2017

Open Studio Northcote

Tall Shores, CHWH


26th February 2017

A Thousand Tones Tape Launch

Eastmint, Northcote

Ok sure, CHWH, Crush Crush ( Evelyn Morris + Aviva Endean), The person, Sha She, Emah Fox


23rd November 2016

Tote Hotel, Collingwood

On Diamond, CHWH, High Council


22 October 2016

Yarra Hotel, Abbotsford

Georgie Vol 'Album Launch'. Lehman B Smith, CHWH (Solo)


25th August 2016

The Gasometer Hotel, Collingwood

Cold Hands Warm Heart 'Nightfall' Launch

w/ HTML Flowers / Lucy Roeleff / James Tom (DJ set)


12 July 2016

Howler, Brunswick

Tom Tom

Cold Hands Warm Heart / On Diamond / ModB / Shouse


2nd June  2016

The Grace Darling Hotel, Collingwood

Cold Hands Warm Heart / Geryon / Sainthill


16th April 2016

Record Store Day / Instore at Rathdowne Records, Northcote.

Cold Hands Warm Heart / Lake Minnetonka / Chelsea Wilson / Kungfu Epilepsy


17th March 2016

3CR Radio - Sustaiable Breakfast Series, Friends of the Earth Food co-op

Cold Hands Warm Heart (Solo)


6th March 2016

Cold Hands Warm Heart album launch

w/ Mick Turner / Superstar / Grand Salvo

art installations by Briony Barr and KT Sunny


19th Feburuary 2016

NeonParlour, Northcote

Council of Svoo Fundraiser

Cold Hands Warm Heart (solo) / Seth Rees / Effie Meryl


13th Feburuary 2016

Some Velvet Morning

Hannah Cameron 'offcuts' ep launch

w/ Cold Hands Warm Heart


10th December 2015

Gasometer Hotel, Collingwood

Alanna Eileen 'love the ghost' single launch

w/ Tall Shores/ Cold Hands Warm Heart/ Comfort Creature


5th December 2015

Perry Street FestivalFriends of the Earth

w/ Ur Boy Bangs/  Tiny Giants / Wilson /Cold Hands Warm Heart / Hana Maru

Drongos / Pugwashe / Desiree Cameron / Jonnie Murphy / Seth Rees


28th November 2015


Luluc (USA)

w/ Cold Hands Warm Heart


12th November 2015

Grace Darling

Tall Shores

w/ You Yangs / Cold Hands Warm Heart / Night Sky


20th September 2015

Yale Caberet theatre, Yale Univercity New Haven(USA)

Cold Hands Warm Heart / Saint Hill


30th August 2015


Caroline No / Cold Hands WarmHeart / Nicola Watson / Judith Hamman


26th July 2015

Shadow Electric Bar and Cinema

Miso / The Spheres / Cold Hands Warm Heart


1st July 2015


Zulya & the Children of the underground

w/ Cold hands warm Heart


19th of May 2015


Ainslie Wills ' Hawaii' single launch

w Cold Hands Warm Heart


17th April 2015


Miso 'album launch'

Ginger & Ghost / Cold Hands Warm Heart


23 March 2015

3CR Sustainable Breakfast Series live broadcast at Friends of the Earth

Cold Hands Warm Heart


5-7th December 2014

Folk Rythem Life Festival, Bilyana



28th October 2014

Longplay, Noth Fitzroy

Where Were You at Lunch

w Yuko Kono / Cold Hands Warm Heart / Louvecinnes


12 June 2014

Longplay, North Fitzroy

Cold Hands Warm Heart

w/ Paddy Gordon / Walrus


14th Feburuary 2014


Lehmann B Smith

w / Cold Hands Warm Heart / Nick Tsvios / Andrew Kershaw


3 November 2013

Heritage Hill, Dandenong

Hello Satellites / Cold Hands Warm Heart


24th August 2013

Empress Hotel

Hello Satellites

w/ Open Swimmer / Cold Hands Warm Heart


8th August 2013

Ghost Notes 'Hidden Horizans' album launch

w/ Great Earthquake / Cold Hands Warm Heart


16 June 2013

Bar Open, Fitzroy

Matt Kelly with Strings Quartet

w / Cold Hands Warm Heart (solo)

Laura & Jamil / Austin Busch


28th April


Prudence Rees Lees

w / Cold Hands Warm Heart / Evelyn Morris / Ida Hansen

Performance by Anna Lumb + Costumes by John Gosper


1st Feburuary 2013

Old Bar

The Spheres

w/ Ghost Notes / Jimmy Taite / Cold Hands Warm Heart


22nd January 2013

Brunswick Hotel

Wolves of the Rain

w / Cold Hands Warm Heart


16th January

Alley Cat, Hobart


4th November 2012

Eastmint, Northcote

Orbweavers / Cold Hands Warm Heart / Sean M Whelan + Isnod / Aya Melody / The Boy Who Spoke Clouds


1st September 2012

Northcote House gig

Cold Hands Warm Heart / Super XX Men / Lucus Paine